Frequently Asked Questions

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We supply home values based on similar homes in your area. But because we shop your home to multiple buyers across the country, we can’t predict what your offers might be. The range we provide gives you an idea of what you might expect.

No. We’ll inform our nationwide network of preapproved buyers that you’re interested in selling, which will generate multiple offers from different buyers. Once you select the offer that works best for you, you’ll sell your home to the buyer that made that offer.

Yes, you can, but you’ll eliminate the potential of higher offers that can happen when buyers compete. You’ll also be limiting yourself to those big-name buyers, many of which are publicly traded companies that must turn high profits for shareholders who own stock. There’s another kind of cash buyer—private investors who don’t market their services. But if you look beyond the well-known buyers on your own, you could find yourself dealing with people who don’t have the cash or experience to complete a deal. At HomeBuy, we work with investors of all types and sizes, each one preapproved for experience and cash on hand. And since we don’t charge you anything for our services and give you a $500 rebate when your sale closes, working with is a smart choice.

In 24 hours—at the very latest. As soon as you submit your form to narrow down the price range, we’ll notify our buyers and give them 24 hours to submit an offer. If a buyer submits an offer that you accept before the 24 hours, you are under no obligation to wait for the other offers to come in. Our buyers know these deals operate on a first-come, first-served basis and are usually very quick to respond.

Before we accept a buyer into the HomeBuy network, we require the buyer to send us a list of the ten most recently closed sales. We also require proof that the buyer has plenty of cash available to pay immediately once you accept an offer. We help protect you against unqualified buyers by making sure every offer you receive is coming from a cash buyer we’ve put through our vetting process.

Yes, if you’ve signed a sales contract with the first buyer, you’re obligated to go with that offer. That’s why we recommend sellers wait the full 24 hours to receive multiple offers.

Our network includes buyers who are interested in many different types of properties—single family homes, duplexes, apartment houses, condos, townhouses, vacation properties, and vacant land. In other words, almost any piece of real estate.

At closing, the investor pays us a fee of 3 percent of the sales price, which makes it possible for us to give you the service for free. Oh, and if you send us an email when your sale is complete, we’ll send you a rebate check for $500.

No. You are selling your house as is and don’t need to make any repairs or improvements.

Probably not. Most investors plan to come in and make any repairs and improvements needed, and many prefer to do that work themselves, so you may not recover the cost of your improvements when you sell.

No, they do not need to move out. Some buyers purchase homes to hold as long-term rentals and do not intend to resell the property.

That depends on what the listing agreement you signed with the agent says. Some require you to pay a commission regardless of whether the real estate agent had anything to do with securing a buyer, but others are more flexible. Read your listing agreement carefully to learn what your obligations to the agent include.

That almost never happens. But if no investors submit an offer by the 24-hour deadline, we will keep your property active and resubmit it to our investors every week. Investors sometimes have too many other deals going to act, no matter how interested they are. Also, we frequently add new investors, so keeping it active allows those new investors to make an offer.

Yes. All liens and mortgages get paid off when you sell your house. Any remaining money goes to you after closing.

No. the only thing you need to do is shoot and upload a video from your smartphone that shows your house interior so that investors can see its condition to make an accurate offer. That’s it.

Absolutely not. You are never obligated to accept any offers presented to you. And because this is a 100% free service to sellers, you owe nothing whether you sell or not.

Not a problem at all!  Some of our buyers are real estate agents or brokers who may be able to connect you with an agent in your area.

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