How Cash Buyers Decide What to Offer

How much cash buyers are willing to pay may depend on your home’s condition.

You’ve probably heard the saying “Location. Location. Location” when it comes to home values. That’s true. What homes around you are selling for has a lot to do with how much any buyer will pay. But there’s a little more to it. If your home backs up to a major road or freeway, commercial buildings or apartments, or high-voltage power lines, the value will be lower than a home in the same area with none of those issues. Whether or not your home has a pool and the pool’s condition, if it does, also matters.

And then there’s your home’s condition.

Home Conditions Explained

It’s good to know what experienced cash buyers mean when they talk about property condition.

Remodeled Condition

Homes that have been updated in the last 5 years

  • Kitchens and bathrooms have been updated
  • Granite or quartz countertops
  • New appliances
  • New flooring throughout
  • Newer roof
  • Newer dual pane vinyl windows
  • Heating and air system in good working condition
  • Interior/exterior paint in good condition & neutral color

Average Condition

Homes that have had some updating in the last 6 -12 years

  • Kitchen and some bathrooms have been updated
  • Appliances in average working condition
  • Roof in average condition
  • Dual pane vinyl windows
  • Heating and air system in average working condition
  • Paint in average condition & neutral color
  • Dated oak cabinetry throughout
  • Tile countertops

Poor / Outdated Condition

Homes that need some work – Outdated and need minor repairs

  • Full interior remodel is needed
  • Interior & exterior re-paint is needed
  • Minor foundation & subfloor repairs needed
  • Roof repairs needed
  • Windows need to be replaced
  • Popcorn ceiling needs to be scraped
  • Minor electrical & plumbing problems
  • New floor covering are needed throughout

Fixer-Upper Condition

Homes that need a lot work – Outdated and needs major repairs

  • Major foundation problems
  • Major roof issues requiring a new roof
  • Extensive dryrot or dilapidated siding
  • Heating and air system needs to be replaced
  • Mold or water intrusion issues
  • Fire damage requiring major reconstruction
  • Major electrical & plumbing problems
  • Building code violations

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