When Cash Homebuyers Compete, You Win!TM

We verify buyers for you, so you can feel confident they’re the real deal.

Before we agree to work with buyers, we put them through a vetting process. We require our buyers to supply a list of the last 10 property addresses they’ve acquired, which we verify against county records. We also require buyers to provide proof that they have available cash on hand to complete your purchase quickly.


Why Buyer Verification Matters

The cash-buyer market is full of unqualified investors. These so-called investors will tell you they have the cash to buy your house, make you a generous offer, and get you to sign an agreement to sell. That’s when they start searching for a real investor, which could take weeks to find—if they find one at all. In the meantime, you’re stuck waiting and can’t sell your home to anyone else.

Our verification process ensures that the buyers competing for your home have the cash available to buy your house today. And, because they’re experienced property buyers, they know the process inside out and can complete your sale quickly—usually within a few days.

When we say “When Investors Compete, You Win!™” we mean only qualified, verified buyers.

Get the most cash for your home. Fast. Free. Easy.